Monday, 10 November 2014

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Finance is one of the most important functions of any organization. In fact, this is one function that acts as a bridge between other management functions. Other departments of the organizations are also dependent on this function for their efficient and effective working. With every function carried out by an organization, there are a lot of financial implications. Students studying management or specializing in finance must know about the underlying principles, theories and concepts of this subject. If they face any problem in any part of the subject, it may have an impact on their future understanding of the subject. There may be certain concepts where a student may face problem in understanding and if the teachers give an assignment in the same, it becomes quite challenging. These days, academic tasks also carries a lot of marks and if the same is not done in the most efficient manner, the student may lose out on those precious scores. 

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derine smith said...

Yeah very true! I am also a finance and accounting student and I also got great help from finance assignments of Aloke Ghosh. Thanks to him, as he really described everything in so easy way that every student can understand clearly.

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